Manifesting Your Mate
It starts with YOU!

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February Theme:  Clear Intentions

Part 1 Sunday, Feb 14th -
setting your powerful intentions

In a safe, playful and interactive environment, you will explore what you want in a mate, how to attract this person, and how to prepare to receive what you asked for.

Women only until 5pm!


 2:30 -  3:15  Registration, Networking, refreshments, Valentine's boutique
 3:15 - 3:30  Welcome - Micaela Passeri    
 3:30 - 4:00  Empowering Your Request - Dr. Neen
 4:15 - 5:00  Managing Your Expectations - Dr. Maisha
 5:10 - 5:40  Men's Panel - see below
 5:45 - 6:00  Next steps - 15 day challenge
 6:00- 7:00    Informal Networking

Part 2 Sunday March 28th 11am - 2pm

clearing blocks to your powerful intentions
$65 - includes brunch buffet
Receive a discount by purchasing parts 1 & 2 together!

In this workshop, you will explore the blocks, resistance and aha's that revealed themselves during the 15-day challenge. You will learn techniques to remove the blocks and clear the path to manifest your intentions for manifesting your mate.



Men's Panel

Chet Craft

Chet Craft , a retired aerospace engineer, has been married 50+ years and is the doting father of 3 adult daughters. He is active in his local communities, church and his daughter Nina's philanthropic organizations. Women are so attracted to his open heart and generous and supportive spirit that they feel safe sharing their relationships woes with him. Through his businesses and his volunteer work he has had the opportunity to share the advice he gives to his daughters – "don't let a MAN define your greatness. Be guided from within!"


Scott Fellows


Scotty, got married late in life, at the age of 43, after years of being the consummate wild bachelor. He wanted a wife and to start a family, so twenty years ago, when he met his future wife through one of the employees of his catering company, he jumped right in. They have a son in high school and a daughter who is a recent high school grad. Scotty believes that men must be ready to settle down. He says that once they've got the wild oats sown and gotten their wild days out of their system, they will change and start seeking a mate. You must be where they are seeking you, when they are looking. In other words, the stars must align. BUT you cannot be the one who changes a man. He must come to that point on his own!

Arnold Jordan


Arnold is the father of two adult girls. He separated and subsequently divorced after 17 years of marriage. He was single for a 10 year period before remarrying. A successful insurance agent, Arnold will share his views on the lessons learned from his experience and it's application in his current marriage, balancing business and home life, and taking a chance on love after divorce. He's happy to entertain your burning questions.


Kambiz Sayari    

Kambiz is 25 going on 40 with his depth of wisdom. He's committed to continuous improvement and has studied under Tony Robbins and other personal development greats. He recently ended a 5 year relationship. He firmly believes that if women could let go of things that happened in the past and forgive themselves for those things, they would be able to look at the men in front of them instead of the men they left behind. 

Justin Smith

Justin, 38,  is a Spiritual Counselor, teacher and filmmaker currently based in Los Angeles, CA with his wife of four years, Michelle and their cat, Angel.  He is a former nanny, has been a professional ballroom dance instructor, wilderness education instructor, stage and screen actor.  Justin assists couples and individuals with personal and relationship issues to evolve through a journey of Self Discovery that deepens their own awareness of what is trying to emerge from within. He attributes the ongoing success of his relationship to Spiritual practice, communication practice, and to consciously, continually deepening his understanding of devotion.  


Michael Vicari


Michael, is 48 with 3 daughters, 11, 20 and 22 years old. He was married to his high school sweetheart for 15 years before they grew apart and agreed to separate and eventually divorce. They are still friends and have amicably raised his two oldest daughters together. He is having fun enjoying his friends and his daughters, but is open to love. Michael provides healthy lifestyle workshops for families. He believes men should walk their talk. He has open dialogs with his daughters on a regular basis about their life choices, navigating peer pressure and of course MEN! He believes R-E-S-P-E-C-T is the key to love, and women should watch a man's daily expression of respect, such as opening the door for her, introducing her to his friends, and telling the truth. He believes "If he doesn't respect you, there is no foundation for a positive relationship!"

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